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Warren in Lancaster, PA
A cut of .002 would be too thick for a jointer. Something like .0005 to .001 is more reasonable because it is easier to take off stuff right where you want it. I go for no light showing and no rocking. A bright teenager can learn to do this in a few weeks.

A joint made with a plane is much less visible than one made with machines. Of coarse if you have poorly matched pieces glued together, It does not matter how good the joint itself looks.

One test one can do to see the effect of concavity is to skew the plane on the edge of a board so that the two ends of the plane are not resting on the board at all. If it cuts with the plane skewed and not with the plane straight, there is more concavity than you want. A plane with .0015 concavity is not suitable for a jointer.

David Charlesworth once claimed on this site that if one had a board with a flat edge and then took five or ten full length passes the edge would become convex., and more shavings would make it worse. I could not imagine this being the case, so after planing an edge true, I took 100 shavings after which it was still flat. Today I was wondering if maybe he had a concave plane.

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