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David Weaver
I probably got things mixed up there.

Mouth erosion can be a pain on something like jointing edges (it doesn't affect too much on faces of boards). It's the same effect as having a hump behind the iron in some cases, which isn't good. If the mouth area is convex, you want it to be evenly convex in front of and behind the iron.

Of course, the simple act of lapping with the plane as if you're planing will show when there's bad mouth erosion. Even at that, all mouth erosion doesn't need to be removed, just most of it. As soon as scratches appear in an eroded area (without them becoming deep and even), that's usually good enough.

What bill said about club members lapping the crap out of their planes (some that may have already been convex to start with) is also true - a little bit of convexity is nice. when it gets to be the better part of a hundredth, it can start to get annoying.

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