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David Weaver
...I can plane a 28" cherry board 5 thousandths hollow with a 2 thousandth shaving (that's after the first continuous shaving that follows stop shavings).

3 thousandths hollow with a 1 thousandth shaving. That's just planing stop shavings and not adjusting for lateral (which will move the hollow back toward the bias of the plane).

There is no tendency of a flat plane to go over the edges one way or another so this is probably more "gameable" than planing with a concave plane sole.

The tips of my plane are a little proud so it may have a slight bias toward hollowing a board, but not much.

I have more skill planing than most people, feeling for hollow, planing hollow, taking a minimum number of shavings after planing hollow to get continuous. It seems like the amount of hollow corresponds fairly closely to the cut depth (two thousandth is almost double one in terms of how hollow the board is).

If I go with this method and have a plane that's about as hollow as the error that I'm showing, then I'm at zero if I'm lucky with no wiggle room. Anything less than perfection or any subsequent adjustment to square and I have convex ends. Everything that gets smoothed, same thing, it will have a hump in the middle. It's intolerable.

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