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David Weaver
practical test. Measure how convex or concave that plane is. Attempt to plane shavings that would compound to the error measurement.

For example, if it's exactly level, plane 4 thousandths hollow with it easily on two joints, though shavings and then put both boards together and show a gap of nearly a hundredth. If the board is twice as long, plane the board 1.5 to 2 hundredth.

This is the same thing as just achieving level with a plane that's two thousandths hollow over a 12 inch interval.

This discussion annoys me because I've been presented with it twice before this last round, and never has it made one of my hollow planes usable to make a flat board that's not even sprung.

I have an exactly level LN 62 now. I will take that cherry board iwth a 2 thousandth shaving and see how hollow I can plane it with the plane level (this doesn't address the fact that you can't flex the plane as it's going off the end of the board, precisely where the biggest problem will be).

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