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David Weaver
forgot about these days of return culture. If you can't plane a joint with an LN plane the way you want to plane it, you can also just return the plane.

I don't know anything about machining, so I don't speculate much, but I"m guessing they aim for dead flat, and most of the planes that I receive from them are that (or I don't know they aren't because they're ever so slightly convex, which I wouldn't notice). Making the target a little bit convex would make for better users on average, but I also don't think the planes that they sell really get that much use.

My english friend would notice if they were out of spec, but he'd check them for spec because he's a mechanical engineer. He's still upset that an older powermatic table is out of flat by 6 thousandths of an inch (Convex). My first table saw was hollow in the center double that - a cabinet saw. That saw is long gone, but I don't remember it hampering me too much because it also had 2 1/2 thousandths of runout at the bushing and it couldn't make a clean edge on a board without modification. Having learned from my english friend, i called delta at the time and they said "2 1/2 thousandths at the bushing is exactly at spec, so we can't do anything for you"

It never burned an edge, I'll give it that (that's nearing a hundredth of flutter at the teeth. I measured something like 8 thousandths of runout at the bottom of the gullets). Just like with hand tools, I didn't measure to find that out, I measured it when I couldn't saw a clean board edge.

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