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David Weaver
but I can't test it as I"ve only used LN blades. LN cryo treats. I think the carbides probably spread out in a matrix like this, and they just get pulled out.

It's happened on bevel and back side of a brand new blade, as well as one I've had for years (i actually concluded early on that it was just a lack of fineness of the stone).

On other tools (I'll see if I can get a picture in the near future) made of certain alloys, behavior like this occurs, but on all of my other plane blades, I haven't seen it (japanese, O1, HSS, V11). On an SGPS stainless knife that I have (I think that may also be known as SG2), it happens on all kinds of stones and hard surfaces, and not just the washita, but the holes are ball shaped rather than high altitude cloud pattern.

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