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Re: Followup Question from PPA

David Weaver
here's what you guys are missing -experience finding planes that don't work combined with measuring why they don't

Where your supposing breaks down is when the plane goes off the end of the board. You can't support both ends of the plane and as it's going on the end, the idea of flexing the plane gets harder and harder. Are you going to be able to flex the toe of the plane up when there are 2 inches of it left ahead of the mouth?

No, you can't.

The reasonable person who doesn't build tools as I do moves on or has a couple of planes, favors the one that works best and sells the others or leaves them on the shelf. If I can't plane even a flat joint with a plane like the one I flattened yesterday, neither can anyone else on the board.

When I had the LN plane , I tried pretty much walking on it tip toes with weight on the plane - it still planed the ends off. My tendency in regular work is to plane a board hollow with through shavings -I'll bet warren does the same thing, and probably so does brian holcombe.

You just can't fix an issue like this by bearing down on the plane (which would be dumb) or stop shavings or any other such nonsense.

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