Hand Tools

short video in cocobolo test piece

David Weaver
I wanted to see what it looks like to use a plane like this in short wood given the ergonomics discussion - the steep bed makes entering the cut kind of a pain, you have to get further behind the plane, which is a little unproductive vs. a stanley.

The same thing (steep bed) also makes the smoothness of the action a little less sure, but it feels smoother than it looks. It's not unpleasant for smoother work, or heavy cuts initially when it enters the cut easily.

This is an unlisted video, which means it can only be seen on youtube through links.


I have to apologize for something i don't notice that I do - my habit is to grab the shaving and make it exit the scene so it can't spoil the next cut. I failed to think about the fact that putting them in a stack on the bench would've made for better shavings pern.

I thought by feel in something like this that I may be dropping my hips, but from the video, it looks like I don't at all, or nearly none at all. Because of this, I start with the plane a little behind me and I'm not a huge fan of the handle on this plane, but it must be more upright for a reason (it's not as upright as the LV version, which is why I got this one in the first place).

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