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A2 and Washita hate each other *PIC*

David Weaver
I finished this iron from the factory with a washita. I can feel something funny happening, but the washita removed the LN mill marks at the edge within a few minutes (one of its specialties is fast cutting on uneven surfaces, then slow on polished).

None of the texture left in this iron is an artifact of LN's treatment (the mill marks were perpendicular to the edge, deep and consistent). Well, relatively deep to this, not deep compared to cheap tools.

The washita leaves removed areas of something or other all over the iron, and then at the edge of this iron, there's no smoothness. the line of the iron looks straight, the plane will cut, but there's little voids like the one in the middle of the circle all over the place. I haven't seen this with anything else but A2. I see it consistently with A2, though - the plane will cut, but it's gritty half dull feeling without feeling like clearance is limited.

V11, no problem. chinese HSS, no problem. O1, no problem. Water hardening (of course no problem). A2 - never quite right except for some very fine washita stones.

Before testing this plane, I gave the iron a heavy dose of dursol which put it in nicer condition as seen in the strange wear picture above.

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