Hand Tools

The strange wear.. *PIC*

David Weaver
..this is the back of the blade, which is doing the same work as the bevel side on the BD planes.

We don't have pictures of the bevel side from me as I don't have a working hand held scope right now.

Note that in this case, the wear on the flat (down) side of the blade, A2 iron, cocobolo, and very steep effective angle - that wear is very short. See the black line? I've never seen anything like that before and wonder if the shape is different because the angle is blunt to start. This plane worked comfortably given its type, but did seem to get dull and unwilling to star the cut easily pretty early (no cap iron to start a cut and keep the plane in the cut, and lower pitch to go along with the cap).

I expect this will look different with a more acute angle and wood with more spring back. No sign of additional wear. This line is well less than a thousandth, I'd guess. height of the pictures is about 0.02" for scale (top to bottom).

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