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Re: Question from Practical Planning Anonymous

David Weaver
I went through my videos - it's from 5 years ago. I've gotten better at convex planes, but the rest of the information is relevant.

What I didn't know at the time, though, was that I had gotten a new phone, and was moving all over the place. The stabilization on the video made people very seasick (and I was a little harsh on the fellow on the blue forum who insisted that nobody should ever lap a plane by hand and that they'd ruin one - to send one to him instead. I think he felt like he was giving an honest answer, but didn't know that it wasn't good advice for anyone who has the skill to work wood with hand tools). I didn't name anyone in it, but it sounds like cynical me when I allow it to run in the background and listen to the audio.

send me an email at my address here - the video is marked private, but I may be able to figure out how to send you a link to view it (I need your email address attached to youtube). The reason I don't just pop it back up is people seem to be able to find things like that, and though I did get a lot of grief for suggesting that a few thousandths of concavity is a problem, now I remember that the real reason that I took it down was a rash of comments from folks saying they were getting seasick watching it. If you bob around on a yoga ball while you watch it, I don't think you'll notice, though.

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