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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
LN sells planes with some specification for flatness. There seems to be a fuss that a delivered plane is at the extreme of this specification.

I am trying hard to format a question that will result in an answer I can understand. It is an important question. I, and perhaps other pedestrian planers, are never sure how to respond to these kind of fusses. How to tell when they significant, or can they be safely ignored. A go at a question......

If I bought this plane I would not have had any means of reliably determining how flat it was. I would have just put it into service. In using the plane what would I have detected that would be different from a plane that:

1. Was dead flat?
2.Was convex at 0.0015?

and related question

Had the planing experts not made the measurement and just used it what would they have detected that was different from a plane:

3. dead flat?
4. convex by 0.0015?

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