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David Weaver
apologies - the mrs. is unhappy with me so I wasn't going to ask her to hold anything for this picture. I was holding the phone with one hand and trying to hold the plane up to the light and the straight edge at the same time (which is a good way to drop both) with one hand.

The result is the camera doesn't see the light as important to the photo, so it's blurry at the bottom.

You can see the light passing through, but lack of focus makes the starkness hard to see, except if you look at the mouth you can get some idea. It looks like * a lot * and if you have a flat board or one planed slightly hollow by a try plane, it'll take a lot of shavings before this plane isn't snipping the ends off of a board - let's say half a dozen. No gluable edges can be made with a plane like this, either.

It's tempting to let a machinist or chair jockey tell you that the casting will flex more than a thousandth under our weight (it might, but it won't always - it'll always be a problem in finish work).

Since I won't be keeping this plane, it's a bit of a dilemma in terms of value - I think that a LN plane that's lapped (and perfect) will bring less value than one with this issue untouched. When I had an 8 that was about this concave, it was impossible to use to create a good gluable edge, and I chickened out on fixing it (this was a while ago) for fear that it would knock a lot of value off of the plane,and sold it as-is (nobody seemed to care - it sold quickly on ebay at 90% of new price).

I could ignore it and plane a board convex and do all of the testing with this plane, but I can't pass it along to a new user like this, so I will fix it. If it knocks $25 or $50 off of the value, I don't care. I also don't feel like it's ethical for someone like me to bother LN (even under normal business conditions) when I can fix the issue quickly. I don't like return culture, and I like their company culture. That makes treating it like any other plane pretty easy.

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