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David Weaver
Ditto that.

Convexity for me is usually only a problem if a plane shows up twisted, too (it takes a lot of it without twist for it to be a problem in use), but concavity is a cancel-out bias with hand lapping.

When I work the bottom of an infill now, I generally file it slightly hollow and then lap to the finish and it ends up with no light except for the last inch on each end when compared to the starrett edge.

I've been filing planes so flat that I thought this plane may be way out of spec (1.5 thousandths allows a lot of light if the light source is bright). My bronze 4 passes no light anywhere -they can't all be perfect, and the fitness, etc, for $245 or whatever these cost - I wouldn't be able to make any plane to this spec for anywhere close to that.

At any rate, this one seems to be high mostly just at the tips, too, it's not mostly flat with a short hollow in the middle, so it'll probably take less than 15 minutes to get to a tiny fraction of the LN spec for flatness.

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