Hand Tools

62 degree flat bevel *PIC*

David Weaver
Follow up with 62 degree bevel. Max comfortable working shaving – 3 thousandths. More is uncontrollable – possible in a mountain climbing contest, but not comfortably controllable. An accidental start at 5 thousandths...oops

and I couldn’t get the block plane through it, and there was tearout in what I could get through, anyway – nothing major, just not a great surface.

The rest were at 3 thousandths or so.

While there is much dullness on the surface, none of it is deep. It’s workable, except near the grain reversal in the middle (that remains broken out). The rest of the wood could be scraped, and ultimately that could be, too.

My apologies that this is not easier to see. I would rate this setup as capable of prepping this wood, but you wouldn’t want to put finish directly on it. Scraping would be necessary, but much more workable than the narrower deeper tearouts at 55 degrees.

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