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I'm sort of in the cants? ()

Sgian Dubh
David, I can't really see you being a member of the 'cants' as you put it. From what I've seen and read, you do seem to have a bit of a thing for sharpening, and a bunch of sharpening gear, but your experimenting with all sorts of stones, charged leather, honing compounds, buffers, and the like does result in usable sharp edges. That's unlike many of the 'those that can't' group in the partially apocryphal story I posted - I was truly aware that quite a few in that group really seemed unable to get a decent sharp edge.

Your recent buffing thing (unicorning [yeuch name]) is certainly interesting to me. I've experimented with it a bit, although I've not had much chance, not enough playing around with anyway to come to a conclusion. Slainte.

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