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David Weaver
I posted a response to this earlier and must've forgotten to press send.

Originally, I knew that autosol was about 3 micron alumina. Depending on where you use it and how, it can seem about like an 8k waterstone, but it becomes very easy to manipulate it on substrates to go much finer.

I thought maybe it was an alumina that breaks down, but I think it's more realistic to suppose that it embeds in a soft substrate and then cuts more finely.

More or less put a pea sized amount on some substrate with give and then use it until it doesn't seem fast enough, and then add just a little to keep going. Often when it seems caked, a drop of oil brings it back to life. Very easily manipulated, and very fast if you want it to be.

The only thing it has against it is that it intentionally leaves a protective film on tools (like chisel backs) that you might have to wipe off if you're paring something that will be visible (the film inevitably contains some of the abraded metal and leaves a light black stain on the first things you chisel or pare).

A light oiled cloth would probably wipe off the dark stuff easily.

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