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I've been there four times...

David Weaver
..as a kid. I don't know who leads the discussions with presentations.

Perhaps instead of telling people what they don't know and sitting on it, you could actually tell us what you're trying to communicate. That seems to be a long-running theme.

"It looks like you don't know much about this"
"It's subtle"

These things aren't really that hard to communicate, and if I really wanted to know what they do at CW, I guess I could call George. Though I recall the last time he mentioned they used lower carbon steel than something like 1095, and the blacksmiths at least for a while delivered irons with edges that were far from prepared (because they thought it was historically accurate), you said he might be confused. I found that to in poor taste.


George seems to have recounted the same thing recently (I thought it may have been 1075 that he mentioned, but here it is again just this past month - 1080. I recall the original discussion being that the blacksmiths had trouble with the lamination process with higher carbon steel).

I have never known if this gimmick of telling people they don't know something and then refusing to describe what you're talking about is on purpose, but the posts of later injurious recounts because people don't take your advice have a whole lot to do with it.

As does skating past information that doesn't agree with what you prefer - I noticed that when the outcome of the slurried fine arkansas stone showed something different than what you claimed, the subject switched to coticules with slurry stones. Mysteriously. I didn't expect the same outcome with a slurried finish stone, but it isn't something i'll dance past when the topic comes up again.

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