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Warren in Lancaster, PA
In my shop I like to sharpen all the tools for a beginner at least until he can notice when a tool is getting dull. I think working with a dull tool forms bad habits. Even when a guy knows how to sharpen, it seems you sometimes have to tell him it is time to sharpen.

There is no way I would want a beginner sharpening tools for my use. Facility with the tool is dependent on the quality of the edge. There is no way a Williamsburg carver is going to let a beginner sharpen his tools. I don't think you have been there many times.

In the 18th century I can imagine that anyone taking on the responsibility of having an apprentice would want the brightest kid available. The less time you have to spend training the kid and the faster he gets going the better it is for the master. I have had guys with 800 on the SAT in my shop; yes they are easier to train. It is nice when they can follow the logic of what you tell them.

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