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Re: A test with bevel up planes, buffing, and tear

David Weaver
What you're showing is why it's difficult to make a magazine type article or tutoring for a bevel up plane.

If you discuss taking a thick shaving, most readers will just see that nothing seems to cause tearout and they'd never use the thick shaving, anyway.

I subjected my blades to yellowcake, so they may have more wear on them. Going above about 3-4 thousandths in hardwood in the block plane is prohibitive so I didn't see much tearout in anything other than ribboned khaya - and that was just a little.

I'm assuming my BU jack will arrive this week. I've been down this road in the past and had a BU jack and BUS. There's no chance that I'll replace my stanley with anything with a bevel up blade, but I figure that covering using the buffer may tie up some remaining loose ends (it makes an almost intolerable soft iron in a guide - something I already hate to use) a lot more tolerable because there's no trap of using the guide without the easy nuance of working back and forth to tease off the wire edge.

With the buffer, the fast cut of the sharpening stone in the soft iron and the chewy wire edge are both just blasted off.

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