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David Weaver
For the 18 and it's kraft singles hardness blade, the extra strength to the edge is good (45 effective honed is just 25 degrees at the edge), so buffing that to try to match the 55 degree tearout performance just greatly improves the feel of that plane in general.

For the low bed angle, it'll be interesting to see what the feel is (I'm going to need to make a couple of extra blades, but I'd rather make them than buy them - I can sell the extra blades on ebay as people are probably dying for O1 versions).

Extras needed so that I can get a quick change feel from one to the next, of course.

At any rate, I'm slowly getting to the point - 34 is where I see chisels suddenly stop taking damage. the 18 doesn't allow me to have an angle like that without being at 55 degrees or close. The LN LA jack will allow a 46 degree total angle at that to compare to 25 and buffed, etc. It'll be interesting.

My rambling incoherence from yesterday other than the smoothness was sort of along the line that I realized that on baked and non-baked very figured maple, just about anything will plane the edge cleanly - so some care will be needed for testing (as in, I"ll have to use the plane some instead of just taking test passes) to make sure the three categories of relevance (in my mind) are covered:
* clear softwoods and medium hardwoods
* figured and curly medium hardwoods
* torture woods like the bubinga and quartered cocobolo that I tested the 18 on initially.

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