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Warren in Lancaster, PA
1.For trimming like you are doing, we usually don't fix the drawer to the bench which would waste time. We work it loose against the stop, which is always there. The vertical dog on a face vise is an old 20th century device.

2. f is a keeper or garter. It slides into a slot in the vise check and engages a groove in the bench screw. It makes the check stay with the screw head.

3. Dogs are usually iron, at least in 19th century benches. They are for pinching stock to secure it to the bench. They are usually quite a bit narrower than bench stops.

4. Curved part on end vise is attached to a small batten that goes into the bench to help keep the end vise from racking. You can see the very end of the batten in the picture. I don't know how well it works.

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