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kind of what I'm looking for..

David Weaver
This is the back of a door panel as a trial area. Shellac over yesterday's stain.

I want the final look not to look brand new, not perfect, but not beat up. The front of the door panels are a little bit more refined in terms of surface.

This is shellac applied padded and then oiled like french polished, but only a thin film and the process not followed through. the final result will be waxed.

I'd thought about applying polyurethane, but it looks sterile compared to shellac - there is something about the darker shellacs and their tone that is really pleasing. durability won't be an issue - if it needs touch up later, no problem. not close to any food areas and won't get water (next to a fireplace in a far corner of the house).


(ignore the glare area- there's bright white LED overhead and the piece will not get nearly as much light where it's sitting - the picture is so close up that the lines in the center are shading from 220 grit sandpaper - hand sanded - no kidding).

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