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planed and sanded...

David Weaver
I had the same fear, so I tried four bits on the same board:
* planed (as it was left - these were recently planed)
* sanded
* 2-o steel wool
* scraped

I'm showing the planed and sanded boards below. I was worried that there would be more uptake on the sanded board (220), but it's about the same - fortunately.

the steel wool and scraped boards behaved differently - they look distressed - the grain is dark, but the rest is definitely burnished and the color absorption isn't as even. It's forgiving enough to apply a little more dry later to make things even out. I'm staining the door panel backs to see how it applies, and as bill said, controlled amounts seems to be best - it can be touched up with another layer on the panels that absorb a little less.

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