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Keith Newton
If I were you, I would still flip that far right board over and try your final choice on the other side. And of final note, you mentioned that these boards were not sanded. Most woods that sit for a while will form a crust or film, if you will, that resist absorption. Even a very light hand sanding with the grain will change that. There is a test you can easily do to see this by applying a drop of water on the bare surface and another on the just sanded area just beside it. On the unsanded area, the surface tension will allow the drop to just stand up there, while on the sanded it will quickly flatten out and start to absorb.

I'm only mentioning that because you said the later boards were not sanded, so this may be acting somewhat like a washcoat does, then when you use the same stain on a freshly sanded project, the results may suck the stain into those end-grain areas and be blotchy.

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