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David Weaver
The biggest turn off with the 5 micron diamonds in the durability test 66% of 1 micron diamond and about 80% of a Dan's black, wasn't the poor durability. It's actually how dull the plane felt. The surface was very dull, too.

The feel between small diamonds and Dan's black was small. The Dan's is the finest and slowest finish stone that I have. More interesting in that test, though unrelated to this, is that a very well settled in washita planed about the same distance as the Dan's black. Surface brightness is also similar. I didn't scope sharpened versions of both, but have in the past and edges look much alike. The washita on a harder chisel looks as good as an 8k waterstone.

Most people would probably call the settled in washita a finish stone if they didn't know what it was. Steel hardness plays a big part in the two stones above yielding a comparable edge.

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