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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
Wiley the engineer steps back and reveals the folly of this discussion.

The whole point of the cap iron is to provide a parallel force down the length of the shaving, not to reduce operator fatigue. We don't want to decrease friction; rather, if anything, we want to increase it. That said, the friction component at a cap iron angle of 60 degrees is small compared to the normal force component against the dam created by the cap iron. So it probably doesn't matter what is done to the friction component to alter it. Angle will dominate the force required to push the shaving up the cap iron, not coefficient of friction. Better to reduce wasted work by reducing friction against the blade and sole.

The fact that one can feel the effect of changing the cap iron angle shows what a substantial force is delivered down, what would seem to be, a frail shaving. Wood has impressive compressive strength.

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