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David Weaver
..that could be the conclusion. It's been so long since I didn't publish the contact part of a cap iron that I couldn't make much comment about the value of the polish.

But that habit started with building wooden planes where there's another factor - choking if the cap iron isn't set up right - the part that Larry always assumed made it harder for a plane to feed right is precisely what makes it feed *better* than without.

Everyone here knows about my buffer and deburring wheel - a good way to polish a cap iron that's been filed or stoned into geometry, and to remove the persistent wire edge that can be formed on mild steel :b

The fact that there's not a lot of wear on a cap (and warren has said similar things before - especially when the internet cowboys watched the KK video and started talking about honing methods for upkeep of cap irons - actually, that was an argument against it for folks who couldn't live with the idea that some of their loved planes may be outperformed) is a strike in a reasonable man's test about friction. The wear on the iron is stark. I've seen many pictures, and made many.


My scope would not take pictures of a curved surface, but I have a cheaper handheld scope that would allow for examining the center of a cap iron vs. the edges (where more of the original polish may be present).

These are the kinds of things we think of, I guess (we...me) when we've solved all of the other practical problems.

I did order the teflon spray to play with it - I have use for it elsewhere (shovels, etc) where I'd like to try it. The literature on it states that it doesn't last that long on smooth surfaces.

If i was smarter, I also would've realized that I could've just rubbed the cap iron surface on paraffin while the plane was apart, and removed just a little polish from it after that with 220 sandpaper or something, to see what can be felt.

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