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an idea

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I have done teflon sintering, and sent it out.. Not trivial to get an adherent film do it yourself. there are places that will do the coating. Cost not huge but likely too high to satisfy a curiosity.

Buy a steel frying pan that is "nonstick" coating of some sort. Cut it up and make a cap iron from the bottom. Or wax the capiron with tough wax...Carnuba, and see if there is a difference. The Carnuba lasts a while on my thickness planer bed.

There is an easier experiment to see if frictional forces are significant. Change the angle of the cap iron. The two extremes are 90 degrees- no friction component. 0 degrees only a friction component. The fraction friction is the cosine of the angle. If you lower the angle and it feels easier to push friction is insignificant contributor.

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