Ray Iles Norris Reproduction A5 *LINK* *PIC*

Chad Pearson
>I am funding the purchase of some electron burning tools and need to sell a few odds and ends that I am not using. The first to go are the non-users (too nice to use). This plane is a beautiful reproduction of a Norris A5. Tools for Working Wood sells this for $899. I am offering it for $750 (OBO) shipped insured priority mail within the continental USA. I will also include the plane sack it is sitting on.

This plane is in as-new condition. When I first got it I tuned it up (i.e. a good sharpening). I checked to see that it cut nicely (it did) and that was the only time it has touched wood.

If you have any questions or would like to see higher resolution pictures please e-mail me. I will also be selling a couple other items over the next couple days (a Clifton 5 as well as a Bridge City block plane).

Best regards


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