INCA Table Saw & Mortising Table in NJ

Matt Prusik
>I am selling an INCA table saw. I know nothing about this saw other than itís Swiss made and it was expensive when new. Garrett-Wade in New York city used to sell and support INCA products. I have no idea if they still handle this brand.

This is an older unit where the table top tilts rather than the blade tilting. The identification plate says Model No. 34101805, Serial No. 02018772 and 1986.

This unit comes with a blade and the slot mortiser table as shown and nothing else. I have no rip fence or miter gauge. But this saw looks like it has (2) two, narrow table top extensions on it.

Pictures are available upon request.

Price is $750.00 on pick-up. If shipped, price is the same and Buyer pays all shipping expenses.

The saw is set up to do horizontal boring or horizontal mortising with the tool being held in a drill chuck and the work being moved by the table.

It comes with a 2 HP, 110/220 volt, 3450 RPM, totally enclosed fan cool motor WITH a toggle switch motor starter and a belt. This motor and switch set-up alone is worth more than $300.00 new!

This unit is located near Woodbridge, NJ. Although I would prefer not to ship this, I will ship it if necessary. But under no circumstances will I ship the wooden stand. If you want that, you have to come by and pick it up. This item will ship in multiple packages and weights and costs will be determined once the item is packaged in at least two boxes and is ready for shipping. To estimate shipping costs, even though I think the combined saw, motor and table are lighter than this weight; figure shipping weight at 100 pounds shipping from zip code 08859.

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INCA Table Saw & Mortising Table in NJ
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