Re: Sauer and Steiner infill planes

John Edwards
>A good question.
In all honesty I really do not want to sell these planes. These are not just casual, spur of the moment purchases but fine, fine well thought out and executed tools.

The fact is that due to health reasons, back, neck and shoulders using these tools is simply not a pleasurable experience. In fact they are a source of frustration.
Having such beautiful tools just sitting there waiting to be used and not being able to.

There is a lot of money tied up in this collection and it is not doing anyone any good just sitting there unused.

Let these fine tools go to a good home where they can be used and appreciated.

In fact I have a number of other tools, Barr, Adria, Tools for Working Wood, Wenzloff, Baker, Holtey etc that are available. If there is something you might want drop me a line.

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