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John Jones
>After my recent woodworking tool, magazine and wood sale I had several items
that are still available.

They are:
Rigid 13" Planer with dust extractor and extra set of knives: $275 ($455 new
price: planer sells for $395 + $20 for Dust Ext & $20 each for 2 knife sets)

Disc/Belt Combo Sander with Stand: $100 (10" disc with 6" x 48" belt)

Craftsman Radial Arm Saw: $175 including stand and mobile base

Rigid 10" Miter Saw: $120

Delta Mortising Kit for Drill Press: $50

I also have lots of router-accessories like guide bushings, sign making kits,
pantograph, etc.

A few smalls are also left like table saw taper jig, sliding miter guide, hand
planes, etc.

Magazines: Fine Woodworking Issues: 1,3,4, 37-47, 50,58, 62, 76, 78, 87-89, 91,
102, 104, 131, 141, 149, 151 (Issues 1,3 & 4 = $15 each) All others $5 each &
shipping is extra.

Also, waiting for payment on the following issues. If payment not recieved, I
will also have FWW issues: 16-25, 27-44, 48-55, 57-61, 63, 82-87 All are priced
at $5 each plus shipping, if required.

I also have most issues of Workbench, Wood, Popular Woodworking, American
Woodworker, Woodworkers Journal, and most others. Most issues are $4.50 each.
Let me know if you are interested in quantity pricing or a specific issue.

WOOD: I sold out of hardwoods, but still have veneer for sale. I have beautiful
flitches of American Black Walnut, Ash and Cherry. Most pieces are up to 16
inches wide and 9 feet long. The ash is all clear and straight grain. Many of
the walnut pieces have curly grain. Lots of the cherry is quartersawn and some
has curly grain. Beautiful high-grade veneer (AAA to AAAA)!

Veneer prices: Ash = $6 each, Cherry = $9 each, Walnut = $11 each

I am located in the Atlanta, Ga area.

Thanks for your interest . . .

John Jones
Cell: 678-576-7263

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