Veneer, Veneer and more Veneer

Steve Wargo
>As some of you know, I have a real problem with veneer. It's become an addiction, but I'm aware of this problem and that is the first step. I currently have on hand about 22,000 Sq. ft. of veneer. I'm looking to unload a good bit of it. Here are just a few samples of what I've got so if your interested, shoot me an e-mail and I can snap pictures and we can talk.

Andaman Padauk
Avodire - highly figured
Q-Sawn Macassar Ebony
Half and Full crotched of Mahogany (some as large as 21" x 52")
Curly Maple
Curly sycamore
Bubinga (some figured, some waterfall)
Makore (both highly figured and Mottled)
Teak (tons of it)
And absolutely amazing flitch of French Walnut
Russian Walnut burl
Swiss Pear
Pommelled Sapele

And more... If your looking for it I may have it.

The good news... Most of the sheets are 7-10' long. And most of these are in flitches of 8-28 sheets. The bad news... I will not sell individual sheets and break up flitches. Shipping is usually quite cheap. Also, I'm not looking to make a killing on this stuff. I will be much less than the online veneer prices. I'm not making a business of this, just trying to liquidate some of my current stock. Thanks in advance. My e-mail is madhunky"remove" Remove the "remove" and fire off the e-mails.

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