House made o1 iron for LN 4 or 5 *PIC*

David Weaver
I made two of these this weekend - the same thickness and slot spec of the Lie Nielsen 4 or 5 plane iron (I traced the slot onto this iron from an LN iron). I accidentally filed the waist of this one slightly under 2" and made a second one to someone who bought a ln 4 from me because they paid a crazy price on an Ebay auction. This one is exactly 2" at the business end but 1.99" at the bottom of the slot and 1.985" at the middle of the slot (so, yes, the error is slight).

Should be around 62/63 hardness. Starrett brand 01 stock. Hand made/cut/filed and deburred and no attempt to make it look like it's factory made. Slot is about .0455". 1/8" thick.

I will test it to make sure it's not chippy. It'll be reasonably sharp and flat. I no longer have a plane that would use it.

$25 shipped, PayPal.

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House made o1 iron for LN 4 or 5 *PIC*
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