there's no free lunch...

David Weaver
..i'm a curious type, so I've bought more than I'll ever have an excuse to need, and with that comes selling things, too. I've sold, over the last 20 years, about 750 "things" locally, on ebay, etc (guitars, tools, razors, etc).

It gives me something to do while riding public trans, so I don't notice the lost time quite so much.

But the three things you'll probably find are:

1) you can do all of the selling yourself, but it would be a whole lot easier if you knew everything about the tools. That's probably not possible

2) you will be approached by individuals who are willing to offer some percentage of the worth of the group, but it may not be favorable and they may not be very friendly

3) you can use a more well-established tool service as mentioned above, and get a fair price for what's suitable for them to sell, and pay a pretty hefty fee for it

There's a lesson for all of us in this, as I saw a lifetime collector a few years ago become deceased and his wife sold his collection for about 10 cents on the dollar to a reseller after getting nobody else who would buy all of it at once.

The us being those of us with tools we don't need - it's never too early to get them back out in circulation to other users and get a fair price, because the chances of loved ones getting much back out of them is pretty small, and the chance of dealing with some undesirable people while doing it is not nearly as small.

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