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Buck Bros. Patternmakers gouges

Wiley Horne
FOR AUCTION: This is a group of 11 cranked patternmakers gouges, all Buck Bros.,in various widths and sweeps. Note these are in-cannel: bevel on the inside. Here is an overall photo:

ENDING: Wednesday, May 15, at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific).

INTRODUCTION: Years ago, I acquired these on an impulse. I soon realized two things: Thing 1—I had zero use for the gouges, then or ever; Thing 2—sharpening these guys was not going to be fun. So I did the sensible thing and put them on a drawer for 20 years. Which brings us current. I’d like these to land someplace where there is a hope they’ll be sharpened and used.

TERMS: I pay shipping. Your entire bid goes to Woodcentral. Once you receive the tools, if you decide you don’t want them—for any reason or no reason, you just changed your mind—I will buy them back for what you have in them. No questions or other unpleasantness. Will ship UPS so we have track. However, if a Canadian bid, will ship regular Postal service, so you don’t get stuck with brokerage fees and such.

CONDITION: No apologies, other than they’re not sharpened. The primary bevels are serviceable (see photos), and the backs are flat to the edge—not rounded or monkeyed with. A photo of the backs is included below to show this. All ferrules and bolsters are tight. Handles sound and free of damage. A few have owner’s initials, one some dark stain, no chips or cracks—see photos below.

MARKS: All marked Buck Bros., either on handle or on steel. Some marked ‘cast steel’; most have partial marks where some of the mark got polished off somewhere along the line. Some are marked on the steel blade, some in the cranked section; some have what is left of the buck (the hart), some don’t. If you are a Buck Bros. collector, or the exact marking detail is important to you, please email and I’ll reproduce marks as well as I can. My advice: don’t buy these for the marks. They’re all marked, but most of the marks are partial.


Here is a summary:

There are 2 shallow sweep; 2 middle sweeps; and 7 sweeps of 7 or more. I estimated these as English sweeps, by comparing with some Ashley Iles gouges I happen to have. On second look, I would say the number 9 gouge is closer to a 9-sweep than I have it marked down. In any case, I traced the actual sweep, so you can make your own judgment.


These will arrive in a heavy canvas wrap—actually a chef’s knife wrap—that works for these. See photos.


Here are some photos, showing the gouges in full detail. Please ask questions, and I can add text or photos to flesh out the picture.

Yours, Wiley

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Buck Bros. Patternmakers gouges
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