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Re: Bill, I can't answer your question...

Fog Tanner
I got mine in a 1 pound bag, and it is a gray powder as you describe. I also bought some alledged "fine" pumic which turned out to be rotten stone, so now I have about 2 pounds of it - along with a pound of real pumic. No way I'm throwing 2 pounds of that away, even if I have to mix it with epoxy and use it as a stone finish...

I mixed up some in some wax as a polishing compound. I tried it on a test piece of bare wood that had been sanded. I use the EEE-Ultrashine in the same fashion and never had any problems. It is a wax with an abrasive in it also. The results were not what I had gotten with the EEE, so I shelved the jar of wax/abrasive. Like you I was looking for a hand rubbed surface on the bare wood.

Later I was reading my handbook on polishing and found that the rotten stone is used in French polishing on a film finish like shellac. I have a piece now that I am trying various flavors of shellac (have several pounds of that too), and I plan on trying my mixture on that when I get down to the final finish.

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