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Bill, I can't answer your question...
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Rottenstone ()

Allen Neighbors
>but I can say this: Someone's post above, said something about rottenstone being white. I've never seen it in white.
Now I will tell you that I've only used it once, and that might have been the wrong way to use it, but it ruined a beautiful bandsaw box I was trying to get to a hand-rubbed look.
The Rottenstone I bought at our local lumberyard/hardware store was in a pint, cardboard "milk carton". It was black powder, sort of dark gray, actually. It stained the wood I was using it on to a murky bog-water yuk... (how's that for a description?) It's the only box that I ever changed the color of the natural wood on. I threw the rest of it in the dumpster.

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