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Bill Crommett
>What a great response> Nobody hijacked my thread, but I still didn't find the answer to my question even though I learned a lot about Pumice, Rottenstone, Scotchbrite, Tripoli, and steel wool, as well as the proceedure for using the Rottenstone and Pumice on fine furniture.

John: the Scotchbrite grades have been a question to me for some time, even though I have been using them in four grades for years. I have copied your response and it will hang on my supply cabinet door along with my directory sheet on sandpaper with different standards.

The reason I asked the question in the first place is that after applying 20 or 50 coats of Deft spray to an Urn I am making, I learned that Mark Kauder says that Deft is a NO-NO, apparently because it is too brittle and will deteriorate with wood movement. So I am in the process of removing the Deft, which if you have never tried it , is a difficult procedure. That is when I discovered some Rottenstone and Pumice that has set in my cabinet unopened for many years, and I am nosy.

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