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10th Aniversary

What would happen to you if you forget your anniversary?

Ashamed to confess that last june 27th was the 10th anniversary of me and PM3520b. I forgot it completely until last week when after a stretch of bitter cold days, there was a thaw and lots of rain, one morning the lathe bed was all rusted. Generous applications of WD40 and vigorous scrubbing with steel wool, wipping with rags and repeat until there was no rust in sight, then the same for the underside of tail stock, banjo and head followed with shining with 600 and renaissance wax. Now everything slides around like a dream.
So I did remember her when she was a beautiful virgin and now she looks like what she is, a mother of some 2,000 bowls and some other pieces.
Other than cosmetic painting, what should I give her? A new belt? What else may brake down eventually?

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