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Re: here are the last three side by side

john lucas
I love all 3. The details are very subtle. I like the first cove on the brown ornament finial. It has a nice flow into the second element. I like the small ball on the red ornament because it more closely matches the shape of the red sphere. I like the small cove on the Brown ornament below the ball element because the top portion matches the size of the bottom of the first cove. This pulls your eye through the little ball. Having the bottom of that cove be smaller also brings your eye down into the next element. I think I would have like it better if the cove had been a tiny bit longer. Length wise I like the Green one best but love what you did at the bottom of the brown ornament finial.
I like the top finial on the green ornament the best and like that you made the element that joins the finials to the spheres the same size.
All in all wonderful pieces. I was just saying the kinds of things that I say when I do my own finials, of which I don't think I 've ever done the perfect one. That's still an illusive challenge.

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