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Thompson Gouges

Bill Blasic
I know nothing of the 40 40 grind and as I always state all the big names have their sthick. Any of these pros could cut with just about any grind and I've seen it many times. The Thompson U gouge doesn't do wings but for me is aggressive. I favor the Thompson V gouge. Takes any kind of wing you want to put on it and I find it very controllable. You want a great 5/8 gouge? See if Doug Thompson has any 5/8 Deep V gouges made. My go to tool is the Thompson 5/8 V as well as the 1/2 V and the 3/8 V. I now use the hat makers grind on my gouges as it is almost impossible to get a catch towards the 3 and 9 position. Dave at D-Way makes a good tool but I would never ever even touch a carter & son tool, don't ask. Root around and you will find that answer.
The secret of any grind? Practice, practice, practice, that is how come the Pros are Pros.

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