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Re: Help me find the right gouge, please

Chuck Engstrom
I heard Stuart once mention that the Oneway bowl gouge flutes lend themselves OK to the 40-40. I have a 5/8 Ellsworth and see it as very close in flute shape to the Oneway, which I also have. The Oneways are now M4, I believe.

The "Masterflute" shape, mostly now from Henry Taylor or Glenn Lucas, may also be suitable. They look to me to be a more open parabolic shape though I haven't had my hands on them. The one Carter I have seen up close, belonging to one of my students, was distinctly V-shaped, though they may now have others. Stuart also said, I think, that V-shapes don't work so well for 40-40, though others here seem to report success.

I'm wondering where you teach, Mike -- I'm down in Annapolis at Maryland Hall.


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