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Help me find the right gouge, please

Mike Schwing
Hi guys. I've been learning to turn the Stuart Batty way and using his 40/40. I LOVE IT. He says in his videos that it has to be an elliptical or V shaped gouge, that a U shape will not work. It is time for me to buy some new, unhandled bowl gouges. Mine are getting short, and they're all "Ellsworth signature gouges". I'm uncertain but they appear elliptical internal shaped to me. I like the 5/8" size. Looking at gouges online at various sources, none of them describe the internal shape. I see Carter and Sons and OneWay mastercut tools look right and I have Mahoney's bottom feeder, also someone online appears to have a remaining lot of P&N V shaped gouges in the right size at a really reasonable price but Stuart says the flute is too long and produces chatter. BUT it is really right priced. I guess I could contact Carter but figured y'all would know and I haven't asked a question in years! Thx

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