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Looking for a formula

Ron Borowicz
I am wondering if there is a formula to calculate the length of a segment?

If you have a bowl that is 10" wide outside diameter and an inside diameter of 9.5" how long do the segments need to be to cover that 1/2" difference between OD and ID. To make this lip I will cut 8 segments at 22.5 degrees each and glue them up and then glue the lip to the bowl and finish turn the bowl.

Is there a "formula" that I can plug Outside diameter and Inside diameter into that will give me the length and width of each segment.

I have already made the "lip" for my bowl (it is not the OD and ID I have put above...). To make it was trial and error and after about the 3rd iteration with scrap lumber I got it close enough to glue up. Is there a formula that I can use to eliminate this trial and error? Thanks!

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