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Delta 46-460

Jerry Louden
I am having trouble with my Delta 46-460. When I turn it on, it runs intermittently as if there is a faulty on and off switch. Now, it pretty much doesn't run at all when turned on. I have taken it to whom I think is a reliable mechanic to see if he can determine the problem. He thinks it is in the speed control area and has attempted to order parts. Delta is telling him what he needs is discontinued. To replace the entire box will cost as much as I paid for the lathe 8 years ago.

I guess the first question is, have any of you experienced the same problem and if so, what did you do? Also does anyone have a suggestion for a parts source other than delta?

I am pretty much out of my element with these complicated electronics so any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

I would have no problem taking the lathe to another mechanic in the Chicago area either, if any one has a suggestion here. Thanks

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