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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
The fancy name says kerosene and naptha(or mineral spirits) have been reacted with hydrogen(hydrogenated) to change some minor concentrations of stinky components into components that are not objectionably stinky. If you don't mind the shop smelling like an oil refinery you could just mix kerosene and naptha or mineral spirits to get the right viscosity. "Low odor" mineral spirits are similarly treated with hydrogen to make it less stinky.

I am guessing the mix probably does not have naptha as it is low boiling and would leave after application quickly. Makes more sense that the mix is made from hydrogenated mineral spirits, the next highest boiling pertrleum fraction.

There probably was some hydrocarbon fuel in the powder and a spark ignited it. Hydrogenated kerosene will contain a fraction of hydrocarbon that is not very volatile and it could remain on the grindings.

Thermite is not a mix of iron powder and aluminum powder. The iron component is iron oxide.

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