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john lucas
I'm always surprised at the number of people who don't belong to the American Association of Woodturners. I just can't convince them of the value. for new turners especially access to all the back issues of American Woodturner is priceless. almost any question you would ask has had an article or tip written about it. Now I know not everyone loves all the articles in each issue. After all it is a Journal for the AAW and simply has to put in articles about what's happening with the organization. But when you go back through the back issues it's incredible what you can pick up. You can of course search for articles but what I like to do is to simply pick up an issue and thumb through it. Sometimes even the adds will answer a question.
Now of course you also get 6 issues of Woodturning fundamentals along with your subscription. That also has huge amounts of information and you can search the back issues. Easily worth the price of admission. And then of course there is the AAW forum. If for some reason you don't find an answer in the magazines just go to the forum and ask. Very knowledgeable people there.

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