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Re: HAZARD with CBN wheels

John K Jordan
>>>Could you use something for fluid that not only keeps the wheel clean buy also suppresses the danger of fire?

There are honing fluids that you mix with water - I have some of this but haven't tried it yet with CBN. It will not cause rust (I use a similar cooling/lubricating fluid with my horizontal metal-cutting bandsaw.

My plan is to position a dust collector pickup nozzle behind the wheel. I've been reading up on spark arrestors, commonly required in off-road motorcycle mufflers and in chainsaws in some areas. Most consist of a simple metal screen. I'm imagining the strong airflow from the cyclone may pull sparks through a simple screen so I want to experiment with multiple screens and perhaps a baffle. I think I can set up a test stand with a clear plastic tube and watch the sparks in the dark and see what it takes to stop them. One promising thing is a glowing steel particle from a grinding wheel doesn't travel very far before it burns out. It may be that a vertical run with screens and baffles would do the trick.

Researching industrial requirements and solutions is on my list. I'm not all that interested in burning the shop to the ground.


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